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Buffy Ellington Is Looking to Wrestle!

This Sponsorship is to be completed before or by: May 22nd 2020

If You Want To See Her In One or More of the Following:

  • Competitive Female vs Female Wrestling
  • Competitive Female vs Female Training
  • Competitive Female vs Male Wrestling – (Mixed Wrestling)
  • Photoshoots
  • Scripted Matches
School Girl Pin - Buffy Ellington vs Monroe Jamison - #1 - 2020 - The Female Wrestling Channel


  • $5 for Non-Members
  • $4 for Logged in Members
  • $3 for Logged in Lifetime Legacy Members
  • Any content that Monroe appears in the next 15 days will be sent to you FREE of additional charge for sponsoring today
  • If Buffy is not able to do any of the above within the time frame specified you will be refunded automatically 15 days from now

NOTEJohnny Ringo is working on a new live stream solution.  If it’s ready within the next 2 weeks we will add you automatically to any live streams we do during that time and notify you via email beforehand.

Sponsor Buffy Ellington

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1 review for Sponsor Buffy Ellington

  1. Dave Masse

    Buffy has always been the most beautiful and alluring girl in the FWC. We are so fortunate to have her back.

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