Don’t Let This Lady Slip Through The Cracks!

Sponsor Monroe Jamison!

$25 for Non-Members
$20 for Logged in Members
$15 for Logged in Lifetime Legacy Members

Next Scheduled Shoot Date:


Things Monroe will be doing on the date above ONLY IF you help her get activated:

  • training new women
  • wrestling competitively
  • will be participate in some scripted wrestling as well
  • will put the ladies in some holds photoshoot wise and they will do the same in return

20 of you must invest by the DEADLINE above for this lady to be ACTIVATED.

If enough of you do not invest in this lady we reserve the right not to put her up for sponsorship again.

We are only going to schedule ladies YOU support and want to see.

What You Will Receive If You Sponsor Right Now!

  • The first 25 of you put in for Monroe before the deadline will receive her latest autograph FREE.   Completely optional, but we will get your address after payment if this interests you
  • All of the content we shoot on the day above that involves this particular lady
  • Ability to watch LIVE for 4 hours on the date and time above OR you can watch the behind the scenes private live stream later whenever you wish
  • Full Money Back Guarantee


12-6-19 at Midnight Indiana Eastern Time (USA)

Sponsor Monroe Jamison



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