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NEW: Ariel X vs Monroe Jamison – $2000 – (Amount currently funded: $2001)

Monroe Jamison vs Ariel X – It only happens if you make it happen!


UPDATE:    Match was scheduled to take place in November, but Ariel X injured her ankle days before we were slated to drive to Vegas.   She told us she will need until January to recover.  We will be getting this match scheduled sometime in the next month or so depending on Ariel’s recovery time and availability.

Match proposed here will be between Ariel X and Monroe Jamison.

Many fans have been wanting to see Monroe against advanced competition.   In terms of the women’s competitive wrestling world, Ariel is about as advanced as it gets.

Monroe has taken on Cheyenne Jewel and Veve Lane in the past, but she has improved incredibly since both of those bouts, and is currently in the best shape of her life.

Monroe wants to show fans what she is made of and possibly defeat Ariel.

As for Ariel, she lives for this stuff.   She is always up for a challenge and she is more than ready for Monroe.

This would be a best of 5 falls matchup with 10 minute falls per our rules.

This match will be used for an FWC Extra if YOU decide to make this match a reality and will be filmed in the early part of November of 2017!!!

Amount currently funded: $2001

11-1-17 – BR – $71
10-30-17 – DH – $25
10-26-17 – JJ – $200
10-25-17 – RM – $100
10-21-17 – JR – $10
10-18-17 – CS – $25
10-16-17 – CB – $25
10-13-17 – JW – $50
10-12-17 – LH – $50
10-10-17 – SB – $25
10-10-17 – LC – $25
10-10-17 – DC – $10
10-10-17 – JE – $50
10-1-17 – MG – $130
10-1-17 – KC – $10
10-1-17 – BR – $25
9-29-17 – RM – $20
9-29-17 – DH – $25
9-29-17 – JW – $25
9-29-17 – JR – $100
9-27-17 – DS – $1000

Match will be completed by:
The end of November 2017!!


You can invest any financial amount you wish to take this match from imagination to reality.


If you fund at least $25 now:

  • This matchup sent to you before it’s released to the public as our content is now on a timed schedule.

If you fund at least $500 now:

  • all of the above
  • a private thank you video from both ladies involved where they will thank you by name personally. If you want to have one lady pose over the other lady, or put her in a FWC moves hold during the thank you video, simply let us know ahead of time.

If you fund in full for $1000 now:

  • all of the above
  • the opportunity to watch the match live through Skype when it happens and talk to the ladies face to face personally if you are available. (you will be informed of the match time 24-72 hours before the scheduled matchup)

Notes to consider for those new to this process:

  • Ladies that consistently reschedule matches or do not show up at the required times will not be invited back to participate.
  • In the event that your match does not get fully funded, or if a lady suddenly has to leave the company for any reason, you will be offered a full refund OR the opportunity to transfer the funds to another matchup.
  • If this match is overfunded, 25 percent of the overfunded proceeds will go to both ladies involved. Why is overfunding a match a good idea? Because, extra money truly helps motivate the ladies to do their best and they deserve it for participating in such a RARE sport!