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Any of you that are woman experienced in terms of going out on dates OR working with a large amount of women over time know something to be SUPER CONSISTENT.

Women flake.

It’s simply something a vast majority of them do.

This article will address the challenges and possible solutions.

Ok, so where to start?

Why do women flake?

In A Dating And Work Context…………Possible Reasons Include:

  • she had a pimple on her nose she didn’t want you to see
  • she forgot to shave her legs and doesn’t want to go out now in case “something happens”
  • she is angry at her Mom
  • she is thinking about another guy
  • she has plenty of options
  • fear
  • she is a bitch
  • she is on her period
  • she actually has a boyfriend and was simply seeking attention from you
  • on and on and on

For you guys that ask ladies on dates and they flake on you I can assure you that this is NORMAL.

A pain in the ass to be sure.  Frustrating as hell.   But NORMAL.

If reading the above…………

If you begin to relate to this to female wrestling you immediately notice some PARALLELS.

It’s truly “Twilight Zone” amazing to me how much ladies flake.

I’m not kidding.

“Just about” every week since I started in 2012 I have had “at the very least” 1 or 2 ladies interested EACH WEEK (on average) for the last 6 YEARS!!!

The most heavy interest is at the very beginning when I FIRST talk to them.

IN MOST CASES, no matter how strong the interest was, no matter how much she built herself up, or said she “loved this”, or “this was for her”, or she is “always on time”, never flakes, or whatever positive thing you can think of………..I KID YOU NOT………….90 percent of these ladies NO CALL NO SHOW  when it comes time to actually meet up.

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THE RINGO LETTERS – #6 – Women Flake. It’s What They Do!

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