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(The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at any given time on FWC and Women related subjects)


As I’m entering year 7 here at the Female Wrestling Channel I am learning a lot about men and women at the same time.

For the first few years of our existence, we did not offer MIXED WRESTLING which is where a guy takes on a female in a wrestling match.

In our case, the matches are REAL AND COMPETITIVE.

After doing well over 100 real and competitive mixed matches at this point, many of them not filmed, here are my positive and negative assessments:


  • The vast majority of the fans we let through our process tend to be really nice people.   In fact, I can’t think of one guy we have ever met in person who was “mean” or was an “asshole” or really hard to deal with.   We have had some guys do some things they shouldn’t, which I will outline below.   However, on the whole the people have been really nice and really easy to deal with in the last 3-4 years.
  • I generally see nothing but smiling faces on both sides, male and female.
  • The women (well, primarily Monroe and Callisto) win or draw against the guys a good 90 percent of the time.  Possibly higher.  Often, the women are taking on guys that are DOUBLE their weight.   The fact that they win or draw as much as they do is an incredible accomplishment that deserves more kudos and attention than it gets.
  • The guys sometimes tip the girls extra or bring them gifts, both of which I think is classy and smart.
  • Fans get personal interaction with the lady wrestlers, which is a rare thing that should appreciated.
  • We have an awesome system installed on our website that allows us to split payments with fans.  Thus, some fans are making as high as 50 percent on the videos they have on this website in the mixed section and they get paid INSTANTLY when someone purchases one of their videos.  (IE:  Fan Series)


  • Even good fans sometimes forget personal boundaries.   Sometimes, they demand the ladies attention too much through text or email.  Sometimes, they do things like slapping the girls on the ass during a match.  Sometimes, they forget that the women do this for profit and can’t talk all day long, whether they are a friend, good guy, or otherwise.  Sometimes, fans just get way too comfortable.   Sometimes, they get way too creepy too when they start nosing around a lady’s personal life and reporting it back to us.
  • As the ladies defeat the same guys over time, it’s part of the guy’s natural inborn biology to COME BACK STRONGER AND HARDER.  We have seen it without fail, in almost every instance.  How does this benefit the ladies of the Female Wrestling Channel (or ladies anywhere?) unless they are being highly compensated per match?   Will the high compensation offset the short and long term wear and tear they are putting on their bodies?    For the longest time, ladies were making about $100 per mixed match.   Now, they are making $500 as we are charging $1000.   Is it still enough?   In this writer’s opinion, NO.   I think they should be making $1,000 minimum, but I am not sure the industry is to that point quite yet as much as I hate to say so.
  • Monroe hurt her ankle against a guy in NY and was out for 3 months.  Very hard financial time for us.   Callisto just faced a long time fan that went too hard with a headscissor, cupped her mouth so she couldn’t scream (intentional or not I don’t know) and flipped off the mat in anger and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.   The fan was apologetic, but bragged about tapping her in that fashion after the fact and really wanted the video of him hurting her.  That turned me off on this process a lot.   It didn’t seem like the guy who said he had the highest respect for the ladies and did not want to hurt them in anyway.   Callisto’s neck is still hurting her about a month after the fact.
  • Guys don’t realize sometimes how bad they smell.   Guys really need to be showered and smelling good before wrestling a pretty woman. I mean literally, showering right after they walk in. Nothing worse for one of our girls than getting her face lodged in someone’s unwashed ass, and yes this has happened more than once I’m sad to report.
  • Look at all of the ladies that have ever worked for us.   How many of them have you seen jumping to do real and competitive mixed wrestling matches?   Not many.   I’ve primarily had Monroe and Callisto available the last two years, BUT both of them are getting a little weary of it as well as they have done a LOT of matches at this point.
  • Many ladies out there are currently short changing themselves when it comes to mixed wrestling.   Some ladies travel all over and meet guys in hotel rooms with no supervision.   I admire the courage of these ladies, more than they realize.  However, I don’t think it’s safe or smart.   I also believe that many of these ladies start offering services they otherwise wouldn’t to “get by” when they try to live on this type of arrangement.
  • Mixed Wrestling is not a scalable business………..FOR AN INDIVIDUAL LADY.   For the FWC, sure.  We could have mixed matches going all over the world in different locations and make a cut of the profits.  However, for a lady herself, how many mixed matches can she handle?   Some more than others for certain.  Again, HOWEVER, let’s say she does 100 mixed matches per year at a GROSS intake of $300 per match?    That’s only $30,000.  She might have had travel and hotel costs.  She had to buy food.  She still had to pay her costs at home as well and any other business expenses or outstanding debts she might have.   And, the wear and tear of 100 matches per year?   That means she would be wrestling a different guy (all shapes, sizes, and experience levels) almost TWICE every single week of the year on average.   If she wants to make $60,000 at that rate, she has to wrestle 4 guys per week in REAL wrestling action on average, and I can tell you for MOST LADIES IN THIS WORLD that would be physically impossible week after week after week.   If she has an injury at all, and is out for 2-3 months at at time, cut these financial averages by 1/4th.    NOT PROFITABLE.  I am talking solely about real and competitive mixed wrestling.   Not scripted, not fantasy, not pro domme sessions or anything else.   It can be a decent side business, but you can see immediately why a lot of women are not jumping at the chance to wrestle you as a fan.
  • Mixed Wrestling becomes a time waste for the ladies, due to the sheer amount of requests they have to deny.
  • It’s not that profitable for our company after we pay the ladies and interact with the fans on logistics.  Especially, for the majority of fans who do not want the video being re-sold on our website.
  • At the end of the day, these are WOMEN.  Not Men.   Fragile.  Even the strong ones are fragile.  Even the confident ones outwardly have many inner fears.   Biologically and due to societal programming, most ladies are not built for combat.   Most do not like conflict.   The ones that do, are generally not really pretty girls.  For the pretty girls you see here at the Female Wrestling Channel their market value often involves their looks.  They don’t like to be hurt in anyway, nor do they like getting bruises or feeling sore or stiff from grappling in general.   At the end of the day, the primary reason a woman does this is because it pays higher than rival opportunities or has the potential to do so.   If a rival opportunity pays more, unless she falls in love with the wrestling, she will take the rival opportunity as it doesn’t involve physical grappling or bruises in most cases.

There are positive things and negative things that have happened that I didn’t fully list.

As you can see, I am on the fence regarding whether or not to continue offering FULLY COMPETITIVE Mixed Wrestling services here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

I’m only looking for guys who like the idea of the women dominating them, but do not want to hurt the women.  I’m looking for gentlemen who will take great care in this regard.   Otherwise, you are not a good fit for our mixed wrestling here and potentially you may not be a good fit for competitive mixed wrestling at all unless you are finding very niche girls.  

Competitive Mixed Wrestling is currently only available to Legacy Members of this website.

The same may become true soon of OFFENSE/DEFENSE sessions with the ladies.

The next step if I get rid of competitive mixed would be to still offer OFFENSE/DEFENSE sessions, where the lady is on offense, and you are on defense as that is a bit safer for her.

However, those matches can still be quite challenging and not getting injured is not assured.

We will need to see how well that goes, but that is the preferred option right now as the lady gets to go hard against you with you on DEFENSE.

We can also continue offering holds sessions, where the ladies put you in our holds to see if they can pin or tap you.   This has the most potential to stick around long term.


On competitive mixed wrestling……….I’m on the fence.

I have not decided just yet.

If you want to comment on this development and give me your thoughts, you can do so in the review section on this page or you can use the CONTACT US form on this website to email me.

I think Mixed Wrestling is a lot of fun and a wonderful exercise.

So incredibly unique.

Despite what some people in this world might think, I don’t think there is a damn thing wrong with it.

But, if we are looking out for the best interests of the LADIES………what’s the best thing to do here?

– Ringo –

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