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#9 – The Heavy Handed Censorship Of Real Women’s Wrestling

It’s making the news that many companies and individuals are being banned or shadow banned by big companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

While the media is busy covering big personalities and people, many of us smaller companies are feeling the pain too.

If you are not currently aware, the Female Wrestling Channel is banned on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Tumblr.


We have no nudity.    We feature no sex.   The characters rarely if ever kiss each other.

However, these 4 private companies have decided to cut into the income and expansion opportunities for the ladies who work here and myself.

The reasons are vague.

None of these companies have ever taken the time to talk to us about being taken down.

Tumblr is the only one that made a blanket decision for the public at large.  They made a decision last year that anyone who uploads “adult” content to the site automatically gets the content tagged as adult by it’s algorithm.

This happened to us with our non-nude women’s wrestling pictures I tried to upload after the ban.

The system AUTOMATICALLY tagged our non-nude female wrestling pictures as adult.

On Dailymotion and Vimeo, I was making revenue from both companies from our full length videos and I had everything marked as adult per their video rating system.

Despite this, I was shut down by both companies and was even a paid customer of Vimeo, a company I loved very much until they shut us down last year.

This “Automated” Wizard of Oz Type Of Censorship Is Very Endangering To This Type Of Business.

For 7 years now, I have largely tried to make the Female Wrestling Channel a mainstream product.  We have contacted and conversed with celebrities.  We have messaged thousands of businesses about sponsoring us.  We have kept the product non-nude.  We keep the wrestling safe for the ladies.

We did what we thought the public might want.

We got logo’d mats and dividers to give it a better look and feel.   We tried to tell a story so the product would have artistic value, to help guard against future government intervention.

None of this has saved us.

Women wrestling each other (for real) in sexy outfits and using a move such as the breast smother submission is just way too much for Youtube, Dailymotion, Tumblr, and Vimeo along with something labeled the Schoolgirl pin in the industry, which we call the Leg Trap Pin.

In my opinion, these two moves are the most risque moves we use.

Are these enough to get us banned?

You can decide for yourself and make that decision.

Let’s talk about Youtube.

It seems you have to play a money game to get our type of content on Youtube without it being taken down.

I was told by an Adwords rep named Brad at one point that the key is to pay for Adwords with Youtube, then you might be able to get someone at Youtube to protect your account.

I was told by another bigger rival company that uses many of the same risque wrestling moves we use, that they send their PG certificate to Youtube anytime they get a strike and Youtube apologies and immediately removes it.

I was floored by this information initially, but not terribly surprised once my logic started kicking in.

Essentially, you have to pay to play to be on Youtube long term if you produce our type of content.

It’s a private company, but I want to let people know that this clearly seems to be the case.

The rival company in question just received an award from Youtube for being over 100,000 subscribers.

They get an award.

We get banned multiple times.

At their core, most of us humans just want fairness at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that Game of Thrones features nudity, rape, incest, killing.

It’s all over Youtube.

Not only the product itself, but tons of pages dedicated to covering the story of Game of Thrones.

Part of the problem is that big mainstream advertisers are getting mad at Youtube for having their ads show on content like my stuff, or stuff that is adult or porn like in nature.

I can understand their concern and argument, but it shouldn’t mean that we get banned, especially when we were not collecting ad revenue as all my content was marked 18+.   You can’t make ad revenue when you mark things +18 plus, so we were following the rules.

Thus, we were not even in violation of that specifically, which makes our ban all the more curious.

You can make similar arguments regarding the WWE as I did on my Twitter page when I tagged Youtube and was completely ignored by them.

The guys and gals on WWE can wrestle with less than our ladies wear at times with kids in the crowd, but someone real and competitive women’s wrestling is so sexy that is must be banned?

I never knew that we were so sexy that we should be banned, but I guess I should take that as a badge of honor rather than an insult.

Thank you!

I suppose?

However, I want to be clear.   

Private companies like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Tumblr have the right to restrict any type of content they want in my opinion.

I don’t have to like it or agree with it, but they have that right.

What’s really going to get me fighting is if/when GOVERNMENT tries to step in and ban or heavily regulate this.

I do not believe that government “should” have the right in the United States due to the first amendment to our constitution.

However, despite these clear protections, many in government have tried to usurp the meaning of the first amendment over the recent decades and they try to regulate sexual viewership to a “prurient” interest.

This is hogwash, of course, and amounts to true government censorship, writ large.

If you want my opinion on the whole fiasco, I agree with the late and great Bill Hicks in the first part of this segment here on Pornography and Sexual Thoughts.   (warning, strong language, hide your children)

Despite this, I want to make clear that at this point our challenge has been with privately held companies and not the government.

What’s The Solution?

I’ve been talking back and forth with the MPAA on getting a rating certificate.

I think the role of protecting children from any type of content online that the parents don’t want their children to see is the responsibility of the parents, and not the government.

Thus, the MPAA may be a useful service in this regard.

I will have more thoughts on this as time goes on.

The bottom line here is that many in this world have decided that we are an adult company.

The ladies that wrestle here would love this company a lot more if it got some mainstream attention.   When the ladies are out there wrestling for real it’s NOT sexual for them in anyway whatsoever 99 percent of the time.

Our real wrestling is an adrenaline rush and challenging, but it’s hard to think sexually when you are fighting/struggling for your survival against an opponent that is trying to pin or submit you.


Do I think our content is for kids?

Probably not.

Do I think kids are going to be damaged somehow watching our content?

Certainly not!

Companies all over the world hook children early on their products and services to foster a long term, lifelong customer.

We do not engage in such things.

We have no interest in the kids, because they will be adults soon enough if they are lucky.

So, are we an adult company?


I would say that Game of Thrones and WWE are adult companies as well and I would say that Hooters is an adult company, but these are all shows and businesses that are enjoyed by children.

And, this might be a surprise to some of you, but not all children are the same.

Is this an adult product?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

Who cares what society thinks.


At this point, society has pushed us to be an adult company.

I illustrated above how I tried the mainstream route.    I illustrated how society pushed us towards an adult path.

So, screw society.

I’m not going to start suddenly shooting nude videos.

But, what I am going to do is market the Female Wrestling Channel wherever it will be allowed on the internet, no matter if it’s an adult website or a mainstream website like Facebook or Twitter.

We are going to play both sides of the coin rather than being squashed in the middle like we have been for so long.

We have no nudity so we are not a porn company.

However, we feature sexy ladies using sometimes sexy moves so this is considered porn by the mainstream companies.

Ahhh.    Double standards!

Double standards are a big part of this life and you simply need to get used to them.

You will find them everywhere.   No need to despair.

The solution is that we are going to play both sides (adult and mainstream) without apology, in a way that most companies in this world cannot do.

We will not apologize.

We will only state the obvious.

The wrestling is non-nude.

The wrestling is real and challenging.

And yes, it’s fucking sexy.

Get over it.

– Ringo –

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