Battling A Legend! (RING WRESTLING)

The legendary and well-traveled Hollywood comes to WMW for the first time ever in this special ring wrestling match against Allie Parker in “Battling A Legend”!

Allie is so excited for the opportunity to go at it with someone who has the pedigree that she has, and is a HUGE fan of her overall going back to her GLOW days!

To her dismay though, she finds Hollywood isn’t quite as thrilled about this encounter, as she has heard Allie has a reputation for being a cheater and cannot be trusted! She isn’t even sure she wants to wrestle her given that!

This leaves a sour taste in Allie’s mouth to be judged this way by her former idol, and also leaves her with a lot to prove! In what proves to be a rough battle, can she show the seasoned veteran how wrong she is about what she can do?

Hollywood works over Allie considerably in the early going here, sending her flying into two different corners by her head and hurting her stomach with a knee, a punch and a claw respectively.

A choke attempt however in the second corner is reversed by Allie into a hammerlock, and now she assumes control for the first time. She smartly uses the corner to her advantage as well from this position, pulling Hollywood’s arm through the ropes. If she thinks Allie is a dirty wrestler, she’ll show her dirty alright!

Hollywood can be just as nasty as she can though she finds out, suffering a knee lift into her jaw from her when the ladies lock up again after leaving the corner. A kick to her side when she’s down follows this, and Allie is once again on the defensive. She might have to rely on her wrestling skills after all if she wants to win this contest!

But despite grabbing her in a Reverse Bearhug and a Full Nelson, doing all she can to prove to the skeptical Hollywood that she can wrestle with the best of them, Hollywood still isn’t buying it! She outright laughs right in her face while Allie has the Full Nelson on her, and after the fact perches herself on the top rope barely registering she was ever hurt! She isn’t taking Allie seriously in any way!

At this blatant disrespect, Allie finally begins to snap! She’s sick of being mocked by Hollywood like this and is determined to do something about it! From this moment forward, the bout takes a very serious tone! She headbutts Hollywood repeatedly in the stomach, delivers several forearms to her face, and chokes her on the ropes with both her arm and her leg. Any love and respect she had for Hollywood before is long gone now! This is completely personal for her at this point!

As physical as Allie is though, Hollywood still is able to match her! Responding to Allie’s newfound aggressions with kicking and punching low blows, another head ramming into the corner and a boot choke, she won’t go down without a fight!

However, with moves like a Lotus Lock, a Camel Clutch, a Bodyscissor and a Side Surfboard at her disposal, Allie has many ways in which she can send Hollywood packing with a loss here still! Is it all enough to do so though? Or is Hollywood’s tenacious brawling just too much to overcome in the end?

Hollywood has been around this business for a long long time, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you this match starring her! You couldn’t find a better opponent for her than Allie either with her big personality!

It works great with Hollywood’s! We hope you enjoy this very special past vs. present matchup, and look forward to hopefully doing more in the future!

(Shot in 4K)

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WOMEN’S PRO WRESTLING!  (Scripted outcome)

UWW VIDEO LENGTH:  10 minutes and 24 seconds long
SD Version – 390MB



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UWW – Hollywood vs Allie Parker


Hollywood vs Allie Parker!

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