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Generational Battle: Veronica’s Humbling Lesson! (SQUASH; KO ENDING; INTERRACIAL)

In her first match with us, young and fit ebony UWW rookie Kaci Lennox, teaches the older, larger framed and much more experienced white woman Veronica Fairchild a lesson about underestimating youth, in this interracial squash match with a KO ending, titled “Generational Battle: Veronica’s Humbling Lesson”!

Veronica doesn’t think much of the upstart Kaci before the bout, but by its’ end she has no choice but to respect her!

Right from the start, Kaci shows Veronica she is serious about making a name for herself, mocking Veronica about her old age as she stretches before the match. It goes to the point of acting as if she’s deaf and wearing a hearing aid even, repeating the personal jab several times!

She thinks Veronica is no match at all for her!

Nonplussed, Veronica keeps her cool, giving back the hearing aid taunts, by using them against the new wrestler in a similar mocking way. She sees Kaci as all talk, no way she can actually back it up in her mind! She might be taller, and fitter than she is, but when it comes to experience, Veronica has her beat in spades! And to her, the match will prove that! Besides, muscle weighs more than fat, so it only LOOKS like she’s fat!

When all the talk is over however, and the actual contest begins, a different picture than Veronica has painted takes shape quickly! Following a few brief lock ups and pushes into the corner and a wristlock from her to Kaci, this new picture starts to form when Kaci surprises Veronica with a knee into her stomach before they can lock up again. She follows up on the attack, by grabbing her doubled over opponent and ramming her head into the turnbuckle in the corner, and then continuing her assault with a pair of headbutts to the midsection, and a forearm to the chest.

Veronica is in shock! She didn’t expect this type of onslaught at all from the debuting Kaci! She actually tries to get away from her in fact once out of the corner, begging for a timeout! Of course there are none of those in professional wrestling, despite her pleas for at least one, and as she backs into another corner, Kaci gets back on her with a knee and kick to the body, and another forearm into her chest. She isn’t gonna let Veronica weasel her way out of what she has coming to her!

Snapmared out of the corner now, Veronica is back in the center of the ring where a kick to the small of her back greets her. This sets up a rear chin lock that is applied immediately after this. Kaci is proving to be LOADS tougher than the veteran ever imagined she’d be! She begs AGAIN for a timeout here, but as has been established (and she should know this wrestling longer than Kaci by far) there are none here. All her pleading gets her now is some choking on the ropes. Not the “timeout” she was hoping for!

The corner comes back into play from there, Veronica completely dazed. A third forearm shot is delivered to her chest here, which is followed by some boot choking in one of the other corners. Veronica can hardly breathe! Not only that she is delirious, somehow claiming before this that she is winning and that Kaci should quit! As if! Her brain is clearly not working as it should be! Kaci can only laugh at her for saying such an absurd thing!

A rough lift and pull out of the corner by her legs, garners a 2 count, Veronica running on nothing more than instinct right now, before things go from bad to worse when Kaci puts a sleeper hold on her that is soon transitioned into a surfboard submission! This mercifully doesn’t last very long however, as Kaci decides she enjoys the corner punishment more than this, taking her back there and hitting her kicks to the stomach, another knee, and a forearm to the face. Veronica is literally out on her feet at this moment! The corner turnbuckle is basically the only thing keeping her upright!

Sensing the end is nigh, Kaci puts an exclamation point on her victory, capping everything off with a floatover DDT that knocks her veteran foe out completely, and allows her to score the pin. Huge huge statement from Kaci! Veronica is liable to be much more careful about new girls after this beatdown! I doubt she’ll ever take another so lightly!

Lots to like out of this one!

From a one sided squash, to the classic black vs. white dynamic, to the age old battle of youth vs. experience, to seeing one woman shut up another for underestimating her, to a KO ending, all the way down to some entertaining banter before the battle begins, this match has a little bit of everything! I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing to enjoy if you purchase this contest!

(Shot in 4K)


UWW VIDEO LENGTH:  10 minutes and 13 seconds long
SD Version – 381MB



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UWW – Kaci Lennox vs Veronica Fairchild


Kaci Lennox vs Veronica Fairchild!

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