“Want to Witness Tag Team Hell?”

“And, Do You Like To See The GUYS Win Against The GIRLS?”


Rock C and Kathy Owens get the shock of a lifetime in “Tag Team Hell”, when with the aid of their manager, the renowned brawlers the Hooligans sneak attack them, kicking off one of the wildest tag team matches we have ever filmed at Classy Broads! d?

Heading into things, neither Kathy nor Rock C have any idea that they will be facing the two big men. As far as they know, they are to take on a new girl who wants a shot at the Classy Broads title that they will soon be competing for.

But they soon find, that all that is nothing but a ruse!

There was never any new girl at all!

All this build is purely a set up by the Hooligan’s manager, so that they may come into the ring and attack them while their backs are turned!

As you’d suspect with a match like this that really has no rules or order to speak of, there’s nothing in the way of technical wrestling here! It’s a pure brawl from the start, it’s what the Hooligan’s do best after all!

Lots of punches, kicks, headbutts to the body, head rams in the corner, boot and throat chokes also in the corner, jawbreakers and more are exchanged as the two teams battle it out!

There are also running corner splashes by the ladies, and mat body splashes and headbutts by the guys seen over the course of the melee. If there were a chance to use weapons, I imagine you might have seen those used too here! That’s how into the fight these four are!

One of the most physical and overall crazy matches we’ve done to date!

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