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Mean Girl Gets Schooled!-2 on 1 match

What is initially meant to be a triple threat match between Veronica Fairchild, Nikki Lane and Jessica Andrews, quickly turns into a 2 on 1 handicap match leaving one woman down for the count on the mats in this one!

Veronica has a wee bit of an attitude before things get started, something that rubs off on her adversaries pretty fast, as they fire back with their own attitude, focusing particularly on Veronica’s ample sized chest compared to their own. This leads into a hilarious Three Stooges like segment where all 3 ladies exchange slaps and nose tweaks back and forth.

The fun stops however, when Veronica does what she calls the flying finger flick except not coming at them flying, as she puts her two opponents down to the mat by flicking them in the eyes. After a brief conference to gather themselves, Nikki and Jessica run at Veronica with a hard double clothesline and the beatdown commences!

The bell sounds making it official, and the two ladies quickly grab both legs of the felled Veronica, and do a double stomp, followed by a double leg pull making the mouthy girl yell out in agony! They go for a pin, but Veronica is too close to the ropes, so it is unsuccessful as she able to grab them.

Pulling the busty girl away from the ropes again by her legs, they stomp at Veronica who is now questioning when this became a handicap match, and then follow that with a knee to the chest from Nikki and simultaneous hard kicks to Veronica’s front and back. She is in immense pain!

Nikki and Jessica are far from done with her though, as they throw her to the mat hard face first, and after an attempted double pin, begin attacking her face and eyes paying the bitchy blonde back for the flick she gave them at the start.

Veronica is then tossed back to the mat by her hair, to get stomped on some more. Poor Veronica gets mocked as Nikki and Jessica tell her she’s not so tough now, and then they rake her back. The pair are having lots of fun with mean girl Veronica now!

There are more stomps as she lays on her stomach on the mat, and a grab of both legs before tossing them into the mat hard! The most intense pain is yet to come though….as now the ladies grab big handfuls of her hair and pull with all the force they got! They are showing Veronica no mercy!

Veronica is pretty pissed at this point….and several times makes an attempt to get to feet, only to find first an elbow into her back from Nikki, and then later a butt drop from Jessica that sends her crashing to the mat once more.

At this point though….the two decide it’s time to get her back up….and make her get up by force, as they lift her up and apply a double twisting wristlock, stretching Veronica’s arms out in both directions! She attempts to fight off the hold, only to find herself thrown back to the mat by her hair for doing so! Another double pin attempt follows, but she is able to kick out at 2.

Now the tactics change a bit, as Nikki and Jessica decide to target Veronica’s legs and knees, kicking and stomping at them, before applying double nerve holds to her shoulders making her scream in pain once more! They then continue the attack by driving knees into the same area while holding her by the arms. The once mouthy girl is being beaten from pillar to post!

A double clothesline comes next, before Veronica kicks out from another pin attempt too stubborn to give it up just yet. For her stubbornness, she has her aching arms and shoulders pulled back twice by Jessica, and takes a double ax handle into the stomach from Nikki. She then finds herself choked by her own blonde hair, as Nikki and Jessica continue to mock and taunt the now speechless bully who can hardly breathe, imploring her to look into the camera and say hello. Veronica is never gonna forget this beating!

Mercifully for her it finally comes to an end, as she is hooked on both sides as if to be double suplexed, before Nikki and Jessica sit down on it bringing Veronica down with them in a reverse jawbreaker! The move knocks her out cold, and she is easy prey to be pinned putting an end to the suffering she brought on upon herself. The mean girl got a taste of her own medicine in a big way in this one!

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WOMEN’S PRO WRESTLING! (Scripted outcome)

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UWW – Veronica Fairchild vs Nikki Lane vs Jessica Andrews


Veronica Fairchild vs Nikki Lane vs Jessica Andrews

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