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Female Wrestling Channel Episodes that can only be viewed by Members:

(The full length videos below can be viewed by Member’s Only – Also, you will be able to download/view every single Episode, FWC Extra, and Photoset once a member)

– Episode 52 – No Scissors – Monroe Jamison vs Ashley Wildcat (Real Competitive – Unfinished match)
– Episode 40 – Monroe’s Big Test – Monroe Jamison vs Cheyenne Jewel (Real Competitive)
– Episode 35 – No Wrestling, just Story
– Episode 33 – Dogfight – Foxy Rain vs Ashley Wildcat (Real Competitive)
– Episode 32 – Ambush – Foxy Rain vs Monroe Jamison (Scripted Finish)
– Episode 31 – Impromptu – Johnny Ringo vs Monroe Jamison (simply turned camera on, no script, real wrestling)
– Episode 27 – No Wrestling, just Story
– Episode 18 – Dropping the Hammer – Monroe Jamison vs Hammer Flair (Scripted Finish)
– Episode 16 – No Wrestling, just Story
– Episode 14 – Monroe is Riding High – Monroe Jamison vs Bella Mamacita (Scripted Finish)
– Episode 12 – Haley’s Training Day – The Phoenix vs Haley Davidson (Mixed – Scripted Finish)
– Episode 11 – The Monroe Jamison Celebrity Challenge (Scripted – No Wrestling)
– Episode 7 – It’s Raining London – London Rain vs Johnny Ringo (Scripted Finish – Mixed)
– Episode 4 – Two is a Crowd – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors (Scripted Finish)
– Episode 3 – Revenge in Mind – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors (1st fall real – Rest is Scripted Finish Wise)
– Episode 2 – More than they could Chew – Hammer Flair & Johnny Ringo vs Savannah Scissors & Monroe Jamison (Scripted Mixed Wrestling – also, Monroe Jamison takes on Savannah Scissors at the end of Episode 2 in REAL action)

FWC Extras that can only be viewed by Members:

(The full length videos below can be viewed by Member’s Only)

– Challenge Match Series:  Jayde Jamison vs Raven Swift (Real Competitive – Match was not completed in full)
– Keep or Discard – Scarlett Squeeze and Monroe Jamison (Competitive Moves Practice – deciding whether to “keep or discard” new move suggestions they go through)
– The Road to Lizzy Lizz – Monroe and Johnny document their trip to meet Lizzy Lizz for the very first time for the Monroe vs Lizzy Challenge Matchup.  (Documentary)


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