Ladies currently available for Wrestling Sponsorship:

YOU decide!!!!!

  • You decide what matches and content comes next.
  • Invest any amount you wish into content you want to see!
  • Match opportunities will stay up for approximately 90 days.
  • Ladies receive a 25 percent of the overfunds of any matches that are funded OVER the required amount as a bonus.
  • Once a match is funded, give us 30 days to fulfill for local matches, and 30-60 days for ladies who will be traveling to us from out of area.
  • Do you want to see a competitive match not listed on this page that you want to fund in full or partially fund?   CONTACT US and send us your idea!

MAKE THEM OFFICIAL: Help these new ladies become part of the Roster!!!

COMPETITIVE MATCHES: You make them happen!

Very limited time on these!

NEW! - SCRIPTED MATCH PROPOSALS: Let's try this out!

ADVANCED TRAINING: Help YOUR favorite lady getting to the next level FAST!

Current match and photoset proposals that ARE FUNDED IN FULL!

Look for these soon!

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