Ladies Listed Below:

Some are Active with the Female Wrestling Channel.
Some are Active with other Companies.
Some want you to Sponsor them to wrestle on behalf of the Female Wrestling Channel.
Some want you to Sponsor them to wrestle on behalf of other Companies.  
Some have Wrestled before, Some have not.   (ladies who have not wrestled before will be added soon)


“We Give You Up To 50 Percent Of The Lifetime Profits On Matches You Sponsor With Us”

At the time of this writing, we are the only wrestling company (male or female) in the world to ever give profits back on custom matches as far as we know.  

How It Works With Other Companies:

  • You pay for a match (often termed a “custom match”)
  • Two women wrestle or a woman wrestles a guy
  • You get the match
  • Producer re-sells the match for the rest of their life and keeps all of the profits

With Us:

  • You pay for a match
  • Two women wrestle or a woman wrestles a guy
  • You get the match
  • We re-sell the match on our site and you get 50 percent of the lifetime profits.   You will give us the email to your valid Paypal account (or you will set one up for free) and when a customer buys your video on our website, you get paid INSTANTLY, every single time a new customer makes a purchase for the rest of your life.   
  • If we re-sell the video on any clip websites or other websites, you will also receive 50 percent of the profits.   These will be paid out to you every 3 months and will be offered to you as a payout or Female Wrestling Channel credit, your choice.  

What We Do Different:

  • You can Sponsor Matches with the Female Wrestling Channel OR with Companies and Ladies we work with. 
  • We are looking for fans that want to make money and/or love watching pretty women wrestle each other in a REAL or SCRIPTED fashion. 
  • What is Flex Sponsorship?  For those of you who like our style and substance you will on a list.  When your turn comes up, every single match we produce will be sent to you FIRST.  Why?  You will get to choose from content we produce, and content that others companies produce on your behalf for YOUR sponsorship. 
  • Accept or reject the matches when you become a Flex Sponsor.  It’s your right!  Only take matches YOU like or YOU feel will sell.  When we bring one to you first as a sponsor, feel free to PASS and the next sponsor can take it if you don’t.  We will keep going down the list on new content until you get matched with content you like. 
  • We ask for 180 days.  Our goal (because we do this full time) is to get as many matches done as possible once new sponsors start flowing in.  We are willing to travel all over the United States to make matches happen.   If the match is not done within 180 days, we return every dime of your money plus 20 percent of the total you invested on top as a thank you for the wait.  This puts positive pressure on us to get things done for you and you get something in return if things do not go as planned for your time and investment.
  • Sponsorship is done in the order of investment.   Sponsors initials are listed at the bottom of this page and can be viewed by members only.

Do You Qualify?

  • Sponsorship is a service that is available to 1 Year Members and Legacy Members Only IF you are wanting to make lifetime money back.  50 Percent lifetime profits on each video sponsored by Legacy Members and 25 Percent lifetime profits on each video sponsored by 1 Year Members.  Otherwise, it’s open to anyone.
  • Sponsorship is available for Real Competitive Matches AND Scripted Matches, where the outcome is determined in advance and the wrestling is not real.  
  • You must enjoy the type of content we have put out already over the last 7 years.   If you do, then you are perfect for this.  If you are wanting stuff wildly different than what we produce, feel free to let us know your idea, but understand that we give priority to those who like our substance and style.  

What’s The Cost?

Ready To Get Started Or Have Questions?  


or you can call/text 765-427-5072 to get in touch with Monroe Jamison directly.  

You can see where you are at on the Flex Sponsorship list below if you are a Logged In Member


You don’t have to put big money into seeing ladies you like get on the wrestling mats more often.   For amounts like $27, $47, or $67 you can help sponsor in ladies one by one when they are available as long as you are signed up for our FREE MAILING LIST.