Do you remember the lovely woman wrestler Midajah from WCW?

We do too.

One of the most beautiful women on earth and an extremely fit woman to boot. Would we love to see her compete against one of our ladies in a Fan’s Choice matchup?


Do we think she would be a force at it?


Midajah’s website is about healthy living, getting in shape, working out, eating right and feeling good. She claims her goal for her readers is “True Fitness”, not simply “weight loss”.

This is important distinction she tries to make as her website focuses on mind and body.

If you want to join Midajah’s site, here is what is offered:

– Extensive listing of fitness and health articles

Health and Beauty Tips
– Diet and Fitness Support
– Online Fitness Tools
– Healthy Recipes

Do these things sound interesting to you?

If so, go to THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF MIDAJAH to learn more.

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