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(The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects)

It’s been close to a year since I wrote my last Ringo Letter.

It was entitled……………Building the Future for the Ladies here.

The most challenging and pressing thing here over the last 4 years is getting ladies invested emotionally and physically into what we are trying to accomplish here.

However, a deeper discussion needs to take place.

  • How do we make this a company they want to work at every single day?
  • What things do we need to change or keep?
  • What do we need to do to connect with their needs?
  • What perceptions, or people, are holding these ladies back from being the best person they can possibly be?
  • How do we continue to build the future for the ladies here?

I think the big thing for any fan to understand is that it’s really hard to get people to do what you want when they are on commission only type of work.

That’s how the entire wrestling industry works at the moment.  The ladies are subcontractors.   They show up, get paid, and go home.

We would like to explore a different way……….

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