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The Value of Time!

If you watch the full length or preview video for Episode 51 – Scissor Quest – You will notice that at the very beginning of the video where I post a very cryptic image of a clock with the words “The Time is Short” on the top of the brick building.

With this in mind, this was a reminder to myself, my ladies, and our fans, that in life, “The Time is Short”.


Some of us quest our whole lives for love.

Maybe friendship.

Maybe money.


If a billionaire knew he was dying, and could purchase 1 more minute of life, or say, 1 more hour of life, let’s say, 1 more day, or even 1 more year, how much do you think the dollar amount for that would be to “buy more time”?

I would be willing to bet the billionaire would give most or all of that money away!

Would This Not Constitute The Idea That Nothing Is More Important Than Our Time?

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