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(The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past.   The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects.)

One of the most massive challenges we have encountered at the Female Wrestling Channel is an issue solely of perception.

Is the Female Wrestling Channel an adult product or is it simply a sport?

Here are some of the reasons I currently DO NOT consider it an adult product.

– The male and female wrestlers on TV wear less than our ladies (in most cases) with CHILDREN in the crowd.

– We have no nudity, no erotica, and nothing we broadcast is extremely overboard in any sense.

– Competitive wrestling is a 5,000 year old sport.

– Female Basketball, MMA, Boxing, Volleyball, are all considered sports.   The same should apply for REAL (not scripted) female wrestling.

Here are some of the reasons one could consider what we do an adult product.

– The ladies have cussed at times in the videos.

– Most of the ladies we bring on are physically attractive and sometimes like to show off.

– We currently use a move called “The Body Muffle” which is a breast smother (don’t laugh, it’s a sometimes effective submission) and we also do a pin move called “The Schoolgirl Pin” where one lady traps the other one’s head between her legs as she pins them to the mat.   To the average observer, these moves look “erotic” even though our argument is that they are uniquely female.

– We are currently one of the very few non-nude real female competitive wrestling companies that we are aware of in the United States at this time.    However, many of the companies who produce material similar to ours, often times do it naked or in a porn like fashion.   Thus, sometimes we are guilty by association.

– We had one match where the winner got to walk the loser around like a dog with a dog collar and two other ones where the loser had to kiss the winner’s foot after the match.  (Episode 10Episode 20) These were fan requests and the matches were paid for in full by those fans.

In truth, I think we are somewhere in the middle of being adult and non-adult.

Of course, this can be disputed.   Some fans will say we are not adult at all and they have seen much worse things on WWE television.   Things like necrophilia stories, a story where one man attempted to kill another one’s dad, one story where a man is hanging from the ring (high above) while demonic lights and music is happening at the same time.

Many remember Stone Cold Steve Austin, smashing beers together, and then drinking them in front of children. Many remember the lesbian angle between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson.   Many remember “The Kat” getting nude on PPV in a mud wrestling match.

Is the FWC more adult than the WWE?    

Are we more adult than the TV show “Breaking Bad” where Walter White spends his cancer years making meth and selling it?

Are we more adult than the TV show “Game of Thrones” where there is murder, sex, incest, along with just about anything possible that is shocking or unexpected?

Are we more adult than cheerleaders at high school or college games that dress sexy and show their panties when they kick high in the air?

This is a question that must be answered!

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