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Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 125 pounds
DOB: 1985

Monroe Jamison is the back and forth onscreen girlfriend of Johnny Ringo.

Monroe has a long and twisted past that is slowly being outlined throughout the FWC storyline. She is a highly competitive woman who will do unthinkable things to get what she wants.

Despite her overly aggressive nature, she also has a heart of gold at times, and this is a big conflict within herself that she will attempt to resolve during her story here.

Monroe’s goal is to be the very best at the Female Wrestling Channel and wants very badly to be the first ever FWC Competitive Champion which she finally achieved via dubious means on Episode 65.

Her plan since very early on is to get Johnny Ringo out of the company because she insists to everyone that he is a very bad man. The question of “why” is a question still being answered throughout our ongoing storyline.

Will Monroe become a world famous competitive female mat wrestler?

Or, is Monroe just holding the banner for the other ladies who are gunning to swallow her glory?

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