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Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 125 pounds
DOB: 1985

Monroe Jamison has been the heart and soul of the Female Wrestling Channel since Day 1.

In the story, she was scripted out to be a good girl.   But, when ladies started leaving the company for various reasons, we turned her into a “bad girl” to attempt to explain why the ladies were leaving.

The wonderful thing about Monroe is that she can play a good girl or a bad girl with ease.

But, that’s not the best part.

Monroe has an insane amount of NATURAL wrestling ability.   She has done a lot of wrestling and gotten things down herself, but it’s not like she gets to formally train as much as she would like.   She is a huge credit to the company and the company would not be standing here without her.

While the other women of the FWC appreciate Monroe for who she is and what she has done……….that does not matter.

They want to be the Champion!!

Monroe makes the most money here because she has the most fans and interacts with them the most.   Constantly trying to get new fans going.  Constantly getting with our current fans and keeping them up to date.

Any of the other ladies are free to try to take her top position as fan favorite and as the best competitive wrestler at the FWC right now.

Will Monroe finally get beaten by one of the FWC ladies in a best of 5 falls match in 2018?

Or, will it be more of the same?

It’s quite rare that the leader and co-founder of a company is ALSO the best wrestler!

Can she be knocked off her high horse?

Trust us when we say………she has no intention of stepping down anytime soon!


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