• Learn about the Female Wrestling Channel AT THIS LINK.
  • Read and understand the Female Wrestling Channel rules for a sense of what to expect on the wrestling mats AT THIS LINK.
  • Most of the videos on this website contain a preview video.  In our Episodes, we are in character!   In our FWC Extras, we are “generally” not in character.
  • We have fans from all over the world and from all walks of life.   Teachers, Lawyers, Police Officers, Doctors, you name it!   Many of them will invest in you if they like you!

What you will be Paid:

  • You will make a minimum of $500 no matter if you win or lose.   You can make a maximum of $750 if you win both of your matchups.  (many new ladies have won their first time out, some ladies get our moves down, very fast!)
  • We will re-imburse any travel costs and lodging will be included and paid for as well.

What is Required of you:

  • You will do a photoshoot with us, wrestling training, and then two best of 5 fall matchups to see how well you responded to our training.
  • Everything will be done in 1 day.  It will only take about 20 to 30 minutes to train you.  After the training, the photoshoot and the wrestling will only take between 2 and 5 hours.  It would be a good idea to block out 6 hours total with us at a minimum just to be safe.
  • You will be required to travel to Indiana OR we may travel to YOU depending on where you are located.
  • You will need to film a short 1-3 minute video with any type of camera answering some questions we ask you.   The questions that you will answer on video will be provided in the very short interview questionnaire below.
  • You must show up on time on your scheduled dates as a lot of prep, investment, and pre-production will be going into you debuting with us.
  • That you do your best, truly try to learn some things from us on the mats, and most of all, don’t get caught up in winning and losing.  Do this for promotional purposes and to HAVE FUN!   It really is a lot of fun and you will be putting your boyfriends and husbands in all types of holds from here on out, as all of our other ladies now often do!   🙂

How this Works:

  • Our fans (and your fans or friends) will get the opportunity to fund your way to Indiana or in limited cases they can fund our way to come to you.  This concept was started in September of 2017 and the beginning price will be $1500 to fans and companies who want to sponsor your way here.
  • A posting will be put on the website where fans can invest any amount they wish to get you here.  The faster it’s funded, the faster we can make it happen.  You are free to promote the link as much as or as little as you wish, though we hope you will be promoting it too!
  • Our real wrestling is mat based, on the knees, and though it’s challenging it’s much safer than Pro Wrestling or MMA.
  • Fans will have 60 days to get the $1500 funded.   If it’s not funded, they will simply be refunded.   When it’s funded in full, we will have another 60 days to get the match complete.   You will be paid of as soon as everything is finished.
  • If it gets funded, great!   If not, don’t worry about it!   It’s free promotion for the both of us!   We will include any and all social media links that you want in your posting.

Benefits of doing this:

  • No commitments of any kind when wrestling for us.   Work with us only when time allows or in the times when you really need the money!
  • It’s truly free promotion for the both of us.   Many of our fans will follow your social media accounts and become fans/customers of yours immediately or over time.
  • It’s unique.  We wanted a wrestling style that incorporated female based wrestling moves and could be considered sexy at the same time.  Our moves are extremely effective.  You will be learning these moves, if you ever get in a fight situation, or want to show your significant other who is boss!  🙂
  • It’s fun.  We have nothing but smiles and lots of laughter when we shoot.   You will be a little bit sore and if you have any bruises, they will be gone in a week, two weeks maximum.
  • It’s safe.  We have had very few injuries.  We keep everything on the knees as you can’t stand up.  And, we have knee pads and protection for you.
  • You won’t believe the look on people’s faces when you tell them you are a woman wrestler, or that you have wrestled before.   Instant conversation starter and people just absolutely light up and LOVE it.  You will see!
  • Once you wrestle in our videos, you are a part of our roster!   This means you can come back anytime you wish, and it also means that you take advantage of all the perks of being a roster girl.  You can charge fans for skype, and charge any amount you wish per hour.  Some of our ladies charge $100 per hour and get it!  Also, our ladies can sell memberships for any price they want.  They are normally $99 per year, but if you sell one for $20, we both keep half.  If you sell it for $40, we both keep half.  And so on.   We can also sell autographs, posters, and other services for you on your behalf once you are an official part of our roster after participating.
  • You get to be a part of something so niche, and so super brand new.   Nobody is doing this, because nobody knows how to do this.  We are writing the guidebook on women’s competitive wrestling!    We are still a small company, but already the leading company in the United States by far.   Look around, nobody is even close!    You are free to grow with us or simply use this as a stepping stone to get to where you want to be in life.


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