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Height: 5 foot 4
Weight:  130 pounds

Veve Lane has become quite well known inside and outside of the competitive wrestling industry.

She is one of the top competitive wrestlers here in the United States.   She traveled to Indiana and took on Johnny Ringo and Monroe Jamison in 2016 and enjoyed wiping the mats with both of them.    Johnny Ringo remarked that if there was a “Flash” superhero character in the woman’s wrestling world, Veve would have to be up for consideration.

She combines strength, speed, and a vast wealth of knowledge from years of experience.

Monroe and Johnny both (especially Monroe) have learned a lot more since that time, so a re-match in the near future would be fun.

Having Veve take on some of the other ladies of the FWC would be a lot of fun as well.

Hopefully, we see this wonderful and talented woman again!

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