Merry Christmas to all of the fans who have supported us and to those who will hopefully support us now or sometime in 2014.    We would also like to thank all of the ladies that gave our small venture a chance.   Without them, none of this will be possible.   We hope to build a business here where every single girl who has ever participated can always return when she is ready and still have the ability to call this place “home”.

Below is our list of accomplishments for 2013.  Think we did good?   Think we did bad?   Please feel free to leave your comments in the comments box below this message.

These episodes were added to the already existing member’s only archive in 2013:

Episode 23 – In with the New
Episode 24 – The Return of London Rain
Episode 25 – It’s Raining Foxy
Episode 26 – London’s Calling
Episode 27 – Free Episode – Tying it all Together
Episode 28 – Out of Line
Episode 29 – The Wildcat’s Meow
Episode 30 – Angry Girlfriend
Episode 31 – Impromptu
Episode 32 – Ambush
Episode 33 – Dogfight
Episode 34 – A Blast from the Past
Episode 35 – Free Episode – Ending the Madness?
Episode 36 – Chapter 2 – New Beginnings
Episode 37 – Crisis
Episode 38 – Ivy
Episode 39 – Opportunity Knocks
Episode 40 – Monroe’s Big Test
Episode 41 – Scarlett & Sis
Episode 42 – The Return of Bella Mamacita
Episode 43 – Testing Scarlett
Episode 44 – Feel the Squeeze
Episode 45 – The Past becomes Present

Total Episodes – 23

Competitive Extras and/or Scripted Content:

Arm Wrestling – Monroe Jamison vs Electra Jamison
FWC Practice – Carmella Ringo vs Scarlett Squeeze
Two is a Crowd – The Remix – Monroe Jamison vs Ashley Wildcat
The Dominant Blonde – Starring Ashley Wildcat (vs Ivy Hiss)
Teaching the Leg Scissors – Part 1 (Free)
Teaching the Leg Scissors – Part 2 (Free)

Total Extras and Scripted – 6

Female Wrestling Channel Photosets made available in 2013:

#1 – Foxy Rain vs Haley Davidson – Pinned
#2 – Monroe Jamison vs Foxy Rain – The Climb to the Top
#3 – Monroe Jamison vs Johnny Ringo – Domestic Dispute
#4 – London Rain – In Vogue
#5 – Monroe Jamison – A Day in the Life
#6 – Electra Jamison – Smoking Allowed
#7 – The Fighting Wildcat – Ashley Wildcat vs Monroe Jamison w/ Practice Video
#8 – Scarlett Squeeze – Beautiful Ambition – includes Practice vid with Carmella
#9 – Bella Mamacita – The REAL Latina Female Wrestler

Total Female Wrestling Photosets made available:  9

Returning ladies from 2012:

Monroe Jamison
Electra Jamison
London Rain
Haley Davidson
Bella Mamacita

New Girls introduced:
(in order of appearance)

Lexxy Archer
Lillian Grey
Foxy Rain
Ashley Wildcat
Sinnamon Steele
Kalista Daring
Buffy Ellington
Ivy Hiss
Cheyenne Jewel (Non-Roster)
Carmella Ringo
Scarlett Squeeze

New Things added to the FWC in 2012:

Skyping with Ladies
New Website
New Forum
– Introduced Female Wrestling Photosets
– Started offering our female wrestling videos for download for the first time.
– Extending sponsor points to downloads and picture set sales as well as membership signups
– Brand new webmaster affiliate program
– Started having referees for some matches
– Introduced hairpulling into a match for the first time (Episode 22)
– Introduced the first ever Female Wrestling “Competitive” belt in history and allowed the opportunity for 4 of our biggest fans to get their names on the newly minted belt.
– Introduced the still going opportunity for fans to have their names on the first ever Competitive Female Wrestling Channel Tag Team belts that will hopefully be featured in 2014 if they get funded.
– Purchased a TV with Skype built in
– Introduced and continued to refine the concept of any lady in the world challenging one of our ladies to a matchup.  (Fan’s Choice)
– Continued to refine and revise the FWC Rules
– Built websites for Monroe Jamison, Electra Jamison, Foxy Rain, and Ashley Wildcat and introduced Amazon Wish Lists for the ladies.
– Shifted from the original goal of having a 16 woman roster and decided to have an 8 woman roster instead.
– Defined why we use the breast smother, schoolgirl pin, and leg scissors at the Female Wrestling Channel because they are uniquely female movesets.

What will happen new in 2014?
Stay tuned!

Not a member yet?  If not, why not?

Old Prices: 
– $5.99 per month goes to $9.99 per month
– $50 per year goes to $99 per year
– $99 2 year option eliminated
– Downloads go up to $20.   Picture sets go up to $10.

You can use Paypal’s Bill me Later service, get a $99 2 year membership, and you will have the option to not pay it off for up to 6 months if you so choose.   The 2 year option will be going away in 2014.  

Here is what you will get as a member of the Female Wrestling Channel in 2014

– 24 hour access to 50 plus full length videos and all of the new ones that go up that are storyline based.
– 50 Percent off all downloads and picture sets on the website while you are active.  (Must be subscribed to our member newsletter as it will be a monthly coupon code)
– We will have a lot of monthly giveaways for members in 2014.   Free downloads, pictures, autographs, skype giveaways, DVD’s, merchandise, etc.
– Priority support.

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