If you are a fan or even a critic, you might have asked yourself this question before.

Why do we choose these moves?     Isn’t this degrading to women?

The short answer is no.    The long answer is below.

In the formative days of the Female Wrestling Channel there were many directions that we could have gone.    I looked at pro wrestling.   Seems like the risk of long term injury as a pro wrestler is fairly substantial.

I looked at college wrestling.   I really don’t like seeing people thrown down.  Mat or no mat.  Standing just really doesn’t seem necessary to me.   I wanted something safe that any girl in the world could try (with minimal training) and still have a decent to high chance at success.   Even on the very first try.

So I then looked at other competitive (real) female wrestling companies that were out there.   I’ve been a fan for a long time and really didn’t have intentions of starting my own company until I started to notice some market inefficiencies.

The biggest thing I noticed is that almost every company out there seems to ignore the power of good story telling and character development.

Secondly.   What bothered me the most is that many of the “female wrestling” companies out there were simply emulating what the other guys were doing.    As in the other males.   Males that wrestle.  This seems a bit old hat.   Does it not?

These are just my personal opinions ladies and gentlemen.   You are open and free to disagree.

Now.   Onto the primary subject at hand.   I wanted to first create moves that were safe.  That any woman can do.  However, I wanted these moves to (not only) be extremely effective…………….but most importantly………….I wanted to create moves that were UNIQUELY FEMALE.

The bold and underlined 2 words need to be understood totally and completely to “get” this if you are an outside observer that is a bit uneasy about what we do here.


Repeat it with me.   Sing along.

On our mats.  Within our created rules.   The female absolutely has the advantage if she is to face a similar sized guy in the majority of situations.    He most likely is not going to use the breast smother.   If he does he is going to look quite silly and it’s probably going to be very ineffective.

For those of you who have never been in a strong breast smother it’s no joke.    It’s a powerful move depending on the woman using it.

Second.  Many women have stronger lower bodies than their male counterparts.   This is where the leg scissors and the schoolgirl pin become paramount.    I can tell you right now that the schoolgirl pin is a major, major weapon when facing another guy or girl.   All of your weight is centered forward upon your opponent and it is the absolute best way to pin a girl’s (or guys) shoulders down for the required 10 seconds.

Third.   No male or female is going to be able to withstand a strong headscissors.   In our world….. a woman can beat any guy or girl if she can get this move on and clamp it on tight.

Here is the key to what we are doing.

I challenge anyone to create something where the female has a better advantage in a fighting/wrestling situation.  I challenge you this.   I challenge all of you to put a woman in a better position to win then what we have come up with at this time.  Yes.   We know it’s sexy.   Yes.  We know that people have a fetishes involving schoolgirl pins and breast smothers and leg scissors.

We also know that people have foot fetishes.   However, that doesn’t stop magazines from displaying women’s slippers with the foot shown.    We also know that people have animal fetishes.   Yet, nobody calls Petsmart a porn store.   I don’t see people calling for banning Volleyball or Cheerleaders because they dress too provocative.   We can go on and on with these analogies.   The guys wrestling on WWE and TNA wear less than our girls with kids in the crowd.   You see collegiate (boy) wrestlers in very tiny outfits with their private parts on each other’s backs!    And they show this on TV and display this in high schools across the country.

The analogies here (truths) are literally endless.

Our women our dead serious about what they do and all of them are getting geared up (to battle) to become the first ever Female Wrestling Competitive Champion in world history.

Support real female competitive wrestling.   We have no idea where the story will go.   Our fans have no idea where the story will go.   The outcomes here are unscripted as is the future of the story.

There is most certainly nothing degrading about it.   This is a sport and we are going as far as we can go.


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