#1 - The Beginning - Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors - (REAL) - Women's Wrestling - 2012

The Journey Of 1000 Miles Begins With A Single Step…

It Begins!

It was February 21st 2012.

Not more than a week before…………Johnny Ringo‘s plan to start a “real” female wrestling company got underway.

A fan of WWE wrestling for years……….Johnny was tired of the women constantly being pushed to the backcard.

And, the bookers knowing who is going to win before EVERY single match?


The challenge that Johnny faces is a world where many feel REAL and COMPETITIVE female wrestling is simply a FETISH.

The primary reason for this in young Johnny Ringo’s view is because a business has never been built around real female wrestling that tried to take it MAINSTREAM and FAR.

Like Einstein………..Johnny is the type who will stick with problems longer.

Johnny’s girlfriend at the time, Monroe Jamison, decided to jump on board as she agreed with Johnny’s vision and admired his dogged determination and ambition.

Though Johnny’s views changed over the years, Monroe was true to the original vision that got her to do this in the first place, which was taking the Female Wrestling Channel and it’s ladies to the MAINSTREAM.

Johnny convinced Monroe to do the very first matchup, but she only wanted to face an opponent she knew.

Someone she trusted.

Enter Savannah Scissors.

Ringo had told Savannah of his intentions months beforehand that he wanted to get a female wrestling thing going.

Monroe was comfortable with Savannah, and Savannah was comfortable with Monroe.

The next thing you know these two young ladies are the ones holding the opening banner here at the Female Wrestling Channel.



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  • TITLE:  #1 – The Beginning! – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors
  • FALLS: Best of 3 falls
  • LENGTH: 21 minutes and 0 seconds long
  • RELEASED: April 20th 2012
  • FILE SIZE: 226MB
  • FILE HOST:  LBRY.TV – (Sign up for Free and Earn Money Watching Videos!)
  • Savannah is 24 years old. She stands at 5’1″ and weighs 107lbs
  • Monroe is 26 years old. She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs
  • The names “Monroe Jamison” and “Savannah Scissors” had not been chosen at the time this matchup was shot. Monroe is referred to as “K” in the video, and she is the taller blonde, and Savannah is referred to as “A”.  This was a competitive bout and we were going to go 5 falls originally, but because the girls were new, and getting tired quickly, we ended up cutting it down to a 3 fall matchup in the middle of the match
  • Johnny was dating Monroe when this match began only after dating Savannah in real life months earlier and letting her know that he wanted to date Monroe instead because he had been chasing Monroe so long.  Everyone was still good friends and honest with each other, but this was a very exciting match for the young owner to behold in person to begin
  • The ladies received barely any training.  It was pretty much, here is the moves, GO
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#1 – “The Beginning” – Monroe Jamison vs Savannah Scissors


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