“The Fans Thought That Ashley And Monroe Were Going To Face Off Again………….BUT……………”

“Electra Jamison Returns Instead!”

Will this be a triumphant return for Electra?

The woman that loved dominating and humiliating others?

The FWC has a NEW lady in town who loves doing the EXACT same thing.

Her name:   Ashley Wildcat

Episode 50 was going to be a “big thing” for us here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

One of our best fans and LEGACY MEMBERS was in town from Canada.

We had it all planned out to “swerve” the fans like never before with the unannounced return of Electra Jamison.

We had fans thinking that Monroe Jamison and Ashley Wildcat were finally going to have the big NO SCISSORS matchup that has been talked about and attempted for months between the two women.

Instead, we dropped Electra in, thought we were being smart and creative, and then in this episode we got hit with a big time surprise of our own.

As true fans know, this is a reality show sprinkled with REAL LIFE story elements!

What happened in this episode is a big dose of real life.

Today, it wasn’t the fans that got swerved, it was us!

This match only lasts one fall!

Was there a winner?

A loser?

  • Ashley is 27 years old. She stands at 5’9″ and weighs 130lbs.
  • Electra is 34 years old. She stands at 5’8″ and weighs 130lbs.
  • Both women have high confidence they are going to win this match.
  • One woman was shocked and overwhelmed by the other one. She thought she was going to DOMINATE her opponent.  She did, but she lost steam BIG time after the fall was over.
  • This was the very last match for one of these two ladies here at the Female Wrestling Channel.
  • This was supposed to be a best of 5 falls match, but it only went 1 fall.
  • Scissors cannot be used in this matchup!   Schoolgirl pins (the leg trap pin) and breast smother submissions/pins ONLY!
  • The desire to win here by these two is VERY HIGH. This was a feud that was obvious in real life and on the mats.
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Video Details:

  • TITLE: Episode 50 – Swerve! – Ashley Wildcat vs Electra Jamison!!
  • FALLS: Best of 5 falls matchup.
  • LENGTH: 26 minutes and 10 seconds long
  • RELEASED: February 23rd 2014
  • FILE SIZE: 328MB
  • Filmed in SD

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1 review for #50 – “Swerve” – Ashley Wildcat vs Electra Jamison

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    Ich mag Ashley Wildcat. Aber damn Electra Jamison ist auch sexy. Ich mag ihre bleiche Haut. Dazu passt natürlich auch ihr schwarzes Outfit.

    Is Electra Jamison the sister of Monroe Jamison? Because they look pretty simmilar.

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#50 – “Swerve” – Ashley Wildcat vs Electra Jamison

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