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“Welcome To Planet Carmella!”

“Carmella Has A Dark Side That No One Imagined…”

This FWC Extra is related to our storyline. However, this is not real wrestling action as the outcome is scripted and predetermined.

Johnny Ringo has never been real thrilled about his younger sister Carmella Ringo coming on board to the Female Wrestling Channel.

He states over and over that she has not been reliable in life and that he doesn’t want her wasting his time for something she is not going to be serious about.

However, what Johnny doesn’t understand, is that Carmella IS dedicated to the FWC.

She wants to learn, she wants to be the best, but most of all, she wants to show off the bad girl that resides within her that she has kept cooped up for years upon years.

In this FWC Extra………Carmella dreams up a scenario where she dominates and humiliates Monroe Jamison in ways that most fans would find unimaginable.

Carmella’s goal is to convince fans that she is the real bad girl at the FWC and not Monroe.

Be warned, if you walk upon Planet Carmella, you are going to see the dark side of Ringo’s little sister that you had no idea existed.

If You Liked Watching Monroe Getting Dominated In Videos Such As:

You will most certainly enjoy this video!


  • Carmella is 23 years old. She stands at 5’3″ and weighs 118lbs.
  • Monroe is 32 years old.  She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs.
  • This match is Scripted and Predetermined.
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Video Details:

  • TITLE: Planet Carmella – Carmella Ringo vs Monroe Jamison
  • GENRE: FWC SCRIPTED – Scripted Competitive Style Wrestling
  • LENGTH: 13 minutes and 56 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  July 12th 2015
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“Planet Carmella” – Carmella Ringo vs Monroe Jamison


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