“Hanz vs Miesha!”

Hanz Takes On A European Champion In Brazilian Jujitsu!

Grappling warrior Miesha is visiting from the Czech Republic and faces off with Hanz in a competitive mixed match.

Despite nursing a sore shoulder at the time of this match she’s still game to compete.

Miesha wrestles for Fight Pulse and is always eager to seek out a challenge.

She’s a true lover of all fighting sports from Judo (black belt), BJJ (brown belt) and also has MMA experience.

The style of the match is cordial, fairly technical and strategic with both Miesha and Hanz looking for openings to improve their position. At first they are feeling each other out, getting a sense of each others strength and waiting to see if the other might make a mistake.

There is a definite power dynamic that ensues where one wrestler is able to take and keep the top position while the other is forced or is possibly just content to work from below. But are they just waiting for the right moment to reverse control and strike?

After a few minutes one of them is maneuvered into a painful submission and must tap out.

The match starts to pick up a little speed as Miesha and Hanz become more familiar with each others movements and very much fall into a physical game of chess with each other, relying less on strength and more on cunning to try to out maneuver each other, and after a few more minutes a second submission is scored by the same wrestler.

Clearly eager to get on the board the other wrestler swiftly retaliates notching a swift submission of their own seconds into the third fall.

The match starts to take on a more grueling tone now as both use tighter body pressure to try to wear down the other’s endurance while trading positions from top to bottom in a very even challenge!

There are 4 more submissions including one particularly strenuous 6 minute fall that definitely takes a toll on stamina when one is forced to tap after a long struggle.

In the end one of them has enough falls to seal the victory but the match remains highly competitive until the last minute!

Miesha:  5’7 126 lbs
Hanz:  6’1 170 lbs

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Hanz vs Miesha


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