Akira Lane vs Tanya Danielle

In A Battle of Geisha Warriors!


Ancient legend describes atmospheric peculiarities which presage arrival of Geisha Warrior Maiden:

“Black ink drips from sky, blankets mountains high,

Lays onyx finish over seas, conceals

Avenging executrix drawing nigh.

Crash! Bang! Kaboom! Gold thunderbolt reveals

Kimono-clad assassin’s creamy thigh..”

Words resonate with catfighter Tanya Danielle but only briefly. “Geisha Warrior Maiden..” she says contemptuously. “I beat Mia Li and I will destroy Akira Lane as well.”

Misplaced confidence infuses nighttime dreams with strange tincture. After hours of restless sleep Tanya wakens to face black dawn. Hidden behind dense storm clouds rising sun casts only faintest glow upon obsidian-hued ocean waters.

Tanya smiles wickedly. “Two can play at this game.” she says, clothing herself head to toe in dark apparel. “Wonder how Akira the Warrior Maiden will like facing someone who wears her own colors.” Tanya turns from eleventh story window just as thunderbolt illuminates shapely leg slipping out from beneath black silken robe..

Akira Lane and Tanya Danielle star in “Geisha Warrior Maiden”, a brutal interracial catfight featuring wrestling ring, high-cut singlets, gloves, wrestling boots, trash talking, surfboard, camel clutch, test of strength, small package pin, chokes, hair pulling, dragon claw, leg scissors, sleeper hold, rear dragon sleeper hold, multiple KOs, more. Co-produced by RM.


  • OWNER OF THIS CONTENT:  Tanya Danielle
  • TITLE:  Akira Lane vs Tanya Danielle
  • GENRE:  Scripted Pro Women’s Wrestling
  • LENGTH: 22 minutes and 46 seconds long
  • DATE RELEASED ON THIS WEBSITE: December 29th 2017
  • COST TO DOWNLOAD/VIEW FOR ACTIVE MEMBERS: 25 percent off this video for logged in Legacy Members and 10 percent off for logged in 1 Year Members
  • FILE SIZE:  3.7GB
  • Filmed in Standard Definition (SD)

TD – Akira Lane vs Tanya Danielle


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