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WMW Title Match (CAGE)

Lela Beryl steps back in the cage to defend her coveted WMW title against Allie Parker in this matchup!

Allie is hungry for Lela’s gold having never having a belt in her pro wrestling and MMA career, but Lela is determined to deny her, and really is shocked she’s even taking her on for it at all with how much she has beaten her ass in the past!

Allie doesn’t recall that exactly, but regardless of what has or hasn’t happened before between the two, the only thing that truly matters is the here and now! Who finishes this bout with the title around her waist? Will there be a new champion?

Allie fights as hard as she can against the reigning champ Lela, getting her in a half crab, locking in a bodyscissor, applying an armbar on her, and tries to smother her out with her ample sized ass and chest, but for her to wrest the WMW belt away from her it won’t be at all easy! Not when Lela has a full nelson, an armbar of her own, rear naked chokes, some revenge chest smothering to counter Allie’s, bodyscissors and most deadly of all, headscissors at her disposal!

Of those moves, it’s the headscissors that give Allie the most trouble! The challenger is stubborn as hell, so to make her actually tap is going to be difficult for Lela, but if anything is going to do it, it may well be those!

Can Allie overcome their strength and find a way to unseat Lela as WMW champion, or does Lela’s reign continue on?

WOMEN’S PRO WRESTLING! (Scripted outcome)

UWW VIDEO LENGTH: 10 minutes and 15 seconds long



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UWW – Allie Parker vs Lela Beryl


Allie Parker vs Lela Beryl

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