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The lovely Violet Payne makes her debut against Allie Parker in this match specially shot outdoors in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Violet is really really excited to be battling “America’s Sweetheart” Allie in her first match. She’s put in a lot of training to get here, and is very much looking forward to tangling with her. She hopes for a good, clean, fair match, one hopefully seeing her as the victor!

Allie is happy she’s excited….but she’s quite confident she will beat the rookie, and beat her “fairly” as only she can!

From the initial lockup, Allie gets Violet into a wristlock, quickly grounding her to the mat with the hold. She follows that up with a punishing to the small of her back (not before a little signature Allie Parker flair over her of course). She is not bothered at all by the newcomer in these early stages, but that’s about to change!

As she gloats over Violet, Allie takes a solid kick to the knee! The stiff surprise strike, staggers her back into the corner. A second kick, this one to the outer thigh, knocks into said corner fully, as Violet starts to go on the offensive!

Violet presses her advantage on Allie, choking her with her hands, and then stomping at her repeatedly. She makes sure to note throughout this she is being fair, doing the traditional 5 count as she does these attacks. Allie is still not happy though, even less so when her hair is pulled as she is picked up off the mat and brought out of the corner!

Violet insists she is being fair though still, and gives Allie a taste of her own medicine after she brings her out, with her own version of a wristlock. Fair play or unfair play, it matters little right now for Allie. All she really knows is she’s in for a greater test from the green Violet than she expected! She regroups quite well though to her credit as that shock wears off, and it is a see-saw battle from this point!

There is a headlock, a headscissor, a sleeper hold, knee and boot chokes in the corner, a choke and also a standing surfboard using the ropes, full nelsons, a mini body splash from the mat, a modified stf and a little more punching and kicking used as these two attempt to defeat the other.

Allie’s true cheating ways rear their ugly head as well as the match winds down. I one instance, she uses her bandana (one likely laced with !) as a weapon extensively, wrapping it around the innocent Violet’s face in an attempt to smother her out! Then in another, she employs the hairpull tactic (the same tactic she complained about Violet doing to her earlier) to get herself out of a submission bid. This blatant cheating upsets Violet to no end, but all she can do is battle on.

The loser of this fight is extremely angry! She’s so much so in fact, that she DEMANDS a 4 corners rematch at a later date. The winner balks at the idea initially, but eventually does accept the challenge, so you’ve not seen the last of these two in the ring! These ladies will have another day soon!

The question is though, who is the better woman for now? Is Violet able to overcome Allie’s experience and utter disregard for the rules and defeat her fair and square? Or is it all just too much for her to take on this day?

Amazing video quality and camerawork for this contest! It’s some of the crispest and tightest you’ll see in ANY pro wrestling video!

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UWW – Allie Parker vs Violet Payne


Allie Parker vs Violet Payne!

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