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Batwoman vs. Superwoman: Battle Of The Superheroines

In a battle ripped right out of the pages of a comic book, Batwoman and Superwoman collide in a titanic encounter to answer the age old question of who is better, as Superwoman Laura James meets Batwoman Jezabel Romo!

Laura enters this match pretty bored, feeling like there’s no competition left in UWW for her. She’s pretty damn awesome after all, so who would realistically want to try her! Well Jezabel has a response to that! If no one else is gonna step up to the plate and be the Superwoman’s Kryptonite, than this Batwoman is more than happy to do so! Does the veteran have what it takes to defeat the cocky Brit and back up her words?

There’s a little bit of a feeling out process in the early stages of this one, with go behinds and side headlocks exchanged, as well as a test of strength seen. But things pick up before very long, with Jezabel controlling much of the action once it does.

The Batwoman punishes her Superwoman opponent, using a bronco buster, a front facelock that is mixed with a brief variation on a sleeper, a side headscissor and a Boston Crab on her, along with rougher tactics that are made up of a corner boot choke, a diving headbutt to the crotch and some double axe handles to the back.

If Jezabel is to defeat Laura in this superheroine struggle however, she will have to endure a variation on a crossface with a brief abdominal stretch done just before it, a shoulder lock and one of Laura’s own Boston Crabs in order to do so. She won’t be able to just come in and take this win from the Superwoman, she’ll have to earn it!

Can Batwoman Jezabel score the win?

Or does Superwoman Laura stay atop the UWW ranks, and prove without any doubt that there’s no one on the roster even remotely in her league?

They’ve never met in the comic book world, but they have in the UWW ring now! If you’ve always wondered who would come out on top between these two, this is a must buy!

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WOMEN’S PRO WRESTLING! (Scripted outcome)

UWW VIDEO LENGTH: 7 minutes and 27 seconds long



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UWW – Jezabel Romo vs Laura James


Jezabel Romo vs Laura James

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