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Challenging The Champion! (APARTMENT WRESTLING; NON-TITLE)

On the heels of her smashing debut against Angel Lee in “Making A Statement”, Karly Salinas returns to the WMW mats for a little bigger challenge, testing her mettle against resident champion Lela Beryl in a hard fought non-title apartment battle! Karly was able to run through Angel with ease, but to defeat Lela will take considerably more skill and determination! Is she up to the task, or does Lela show her exactly why she’s the champion and Karly is not?

This is basically a two move match, those moves being Bodyscissors and Rear Naked Chokes. Karly and Lela trade the holds back and forth for most of the contest, with a only a small amount of deviation from them in the form of Leg and Headscissors from Karly and a Front Facelock, Armbar (used in tandem with a Bodyscissor) and Grapevine Pin from Lela.

Karly gives the champ a hell of a fight, but does she have quite enough to defeat Lela in her first crack at her?

Karly is moving up the ranks very quickly here at WMW! Between her performance against Angel Lee in her first video for us, and how well she holds her own again Lela here, she could very well be one day holding the place Lela currently does as champion! We wouldn’t bet against it!

WOMEN’S PRO WRESTLING! (Scripted outcome)

UWW VIDEO LENGTH: 10 minutes and 23 seconds long



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UWW – Karly Salinas vs Lela Beryl – Part 1


Karly Salinas vs Lela Beryl

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